Negative thermal expansion and low-frequency modes in cyanide-bridged framework materials
A L Goodwin and C J Kepert
Phys Rev B 71, 140301(R) (2005)

We analyze the intrinsic geometric flexibility of framework structures incorporating linear metal–cyanide–metal (M–CN–M′) linkages using a reciprocal-space dynamical matrix approach. We find that this structural motif is capable of imparting a significant negative thermal expansion (NTE) effect upon such materials. In particular, we show that the topologies of a number of simple cyanide-containing framework materials support a very large number of low-energy rigid-unit phonon modes, all of which give rise to NTE behavior. We support our analysis by presenting experimental verification of this behavior in the family of compounds ZnxCd1−x(CN)2, which we show to exhibit a NTE effect over the temperature range 25–375 K more than double that of materials such as ZrW2O8.

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