Magnetic structure of MnO at 10 K from total neutron scattering data
A L Goodwin, M G Tucker, M T Dove and D A Keen
Phys Rev Lett 96, 047209 (2006)

Total neutron scattering data from a powdered sample of MnO collected at 10 K have been analyzed using the reverse Monte Carlo method to refine the nuclear and magnetic structure. The results give the first unambiguous assignment of the average magnetic structure. The magnetic moments are aligned ferromagnetically within (111) sheets with the magnetization vectors of alternate sheets along axes parallel and antiparallel to the ⟨11–2⟩ directions, albeit with a small modulated out-of-plane component. Small displacements of Mn and O (modulated with the same periodicity) accompany the magnetic ordering and both atomic and magnetic structures may be described in the monoclinic space group C2.

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