Implications of the Solubility of Trivalent Lanthanides in AAl2O4 (A = Ca, Sr, and Ba) for their Role in Phosphors
P J Saines and B J Kennedy
Powder Diffr 21, 285-288 (2006)

The technique of standard addition in combination with powder X-ray diffraction was used to identify and quantify the amount of Ln3+ segregating into secondary phases from Ln3+doped alkaline earth aluminates. Results indicate that Ln3+ ions are more soluble in CaAl2O4 than SrAl2O4 and BaAl2O4, with this being rationalized by the structural details of the A sites. These results indicate that the enhancement of the luminescence afterglow obtained by doping AAl2O4:Eu2+ samples with Ln3+ ions is a result of much lower doping levels than previously thought.

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