Crystal Structures and Phase Transitions in Ba2HoTaO6
B J Kennedy, P J Saines, Y Kubota, C Minakata, H Hano, K Kato and M Takata
Mater Res Bull 42, 1875-1880 (2007)

The structure of the cation-ordered double perovskite Ba2HoTaO6 was examined using synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction at fine temperature intervals over the range of 90–300 K. Ba2HoTaO6 has a cubic structure in space group View the MathML source at room temperature. A proper ferroelastic phase transition to I4/m tetragonal symmetry occurs near approximately 260 K. Analysis of the spontaneous tetragonal strain versus temperature indicated that the phase transition is second order in nature.

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