Large negative linear compressibility of Ag3[Co(CN)6]
A L Goodwin, D A Keen and M G Tucker
Proc Natl Acad Sci, USA 105, 18708–18713 (2008)

Silver(I) hexacyanocobaltate(III), Ag3[Co(CN)6], shows a large negative linear compressibility (NLC, linear expansion under hydrostatic pressure) at ambient temperature at all pressures up to our experimental limit of 7.65(2) GPa. This behavior is qualitatively unaffected by a transition at 0.19 GPa to a new phase Ag3[Co(CN)6]-II, whose structure is reported here. The high-pressure phase also shows anisotropic thermal expansion with large uniaxial negative thermal expansion (NTE, expansion on cooling). In both phases, the NLC/NTE effect arises as the rapid compression/contraction of layers of silver atoms—weakly bound via argentophilic interactions—is translated via flexing of the covalent network lattice into an expansion along a perpendicular direction. It is proposed that framework materials that contract along a specific direction on heating while expanding macroscopically will, in general, also expand along the same direction under hydrostatic pressure while contracting macroscopically.

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