The Diamond Science Directors, Trevor Rayment and Dave Stuart, today announced the Diamond Board’s decision to progress XPDF into the next phase of design and construction. This is a fantastic result for local structure science in the UK. Moreover, the combination of neutron PDF instruments at ISIS and X-ray PDF capability at Diamond will mean that the Harwell campus will remain the internationally-leading site for PDF studies.

Today’s announcement from Diamond:

21 April 2011: Proposals for five beamlines were presented to the Diamond SAC and the Diamond Industry Committee (DISCo) in February/March 2011. Diamond Management requested that SAC and DISCo should prioritise these proposals taking into account scientific potential, UK user community demand and industrial demand within the context of facilities at Diamond (operating and in construction). The SAC also considered against the worldwide provision of synchrotron radiation facilities.

After consideration of the advice from the SAC and DISCo the Diamond Board have agreed that design and construction of the following beamlines should be considered in detail:




Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe

The Board agreed that the following beamline should not be constructed:

Large Area Detection X-Ray Diffraction

At the present time, discussions with Research Councils are still ongoing to gain their detailed input but because of the fixed financial spending profile agreed with the funders we have decided to start the recruitment process for the role of Principal Beamline Scientist for the beamlines agreed by the Diamond Board as soon as possible. Their initial task will be to develop together with the user community the more detailed conceptual design of each beamline which will be presented for review to SAC according to normal procedures.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the proposals, most especially the members of the User Working Groups. We are grateful for the work that has been expended in creating such excellent proposals and Diamond Management look forward to working with the User Community to build a suite of world-class beamlines.

Trevor Rayment and Dave Stuart

Science Directors, Diamond Light Source

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