Diffraction study of pressure-amorphized ZrW2O8 using in situ and recovered samples
D A Keen, A L Goodwin, M G Tucker, J A Hriljac, T D Bennett, M T Dove, A K Kleppe, A P Jephcoat and M Brunelli
Phys Rev B 83, 064109 (2011)

High-energy x-ray diffraction data from a series of amorphous ZrW2O8 samples, recovered from a number of different pressures, have been measured and compared with similar data collected from a sample contained within a diamond anvil cell and measured in situ at high pressure. Samples at lower pressures are a mix of crystalline and amorphous phases, whereas those above 7 GPa (both recovered and in situ) appear to be completely amorphous. Although there are only very small changes in the diffraction data from the pure phase samples recovered from different pressures, larger changes are observed in situ as a function of pressure. However, the same structural model can be used to describe all data, albeit using different densities. This strongly suggests that the amorphous phase is undergoing nonreconstructive compression in this pressure range, without fundamental modification of the underlying topology.

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