“Twisted” scorpionates: synthesis of a tris(2-pyridonyl)borate (Thp) ligand; lessons in the requirements for successful B(L2D)3 type ligands
P J Bailey, N L Bell, L L Gim, T Yucheng, N Funnell, F White and S Parsons
Chem Comm 47, 11659-11661, (2011)

The synthesis of a new charge-neutral zwitterionic tripodal borate ligand based on 2-hydroxypyridine is reported. (Dimethylaminopyridinium)tris(2-pyridonyl)borate, (DMAP)Thp, has been complexed to copper(I) chloride to give a pseudo-C3 symmetric complex. The propensity for this ligand and other flexible scorpionates to exhibit such helical chirality upon complexation is discussed.

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