Isomer-Directed Structural Diversity and Its Effect on the Nanosheet Exfoliation and Magnetic Properties of 2,3-Dimethylsuccinate Hybrid Frameworks
P J Saines, M Steinmann, J-C Tan, H H-M Yeung, W Li and A K Cheetham
Inorg Chem 51, 11198-11209 (2012)

Seven new transition metal 2,3-dimethylsuccinate frameworks have been synthesized. Those containing the D and L isomers were found to adopt two dimensionally bonded structures, which can be readily exfoliated into nanosheets. Those frameworks containing the meso-ligand from three dimensional structures, however, which are the only compounds found to magnetically order in this family. This stark contrast between structures and derived properties for frameworks containing these different isomers is a result of the ligands preferred conformation.

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