SPINVERT is a program that allows magnetic structure refinement for frustrated magnets, spin liquids, spin glasses and other magnetically-disordered materials. The approach uses reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) refinement to fit a large configurations of spins to experimental powder neutron scattering data. Despite fitting to spherically-averaged data, SPINVERT allows the recovery of the three-dimensional diffuse scattering pattern and the spin pair correlation functions. The paper below details our methodology and also illustrates its effectiveness with the case studies of the canonical Heisenberg kagome antiferromagnet and also the frustrated system Y0.5Ca0.5BaCo4O7.

The program was written by Joe Paddison. We hope to have a user manual available online shortly. If there are any ways in which we can make the program easier to use for you, or if you have any suggestions for modifications, please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew or Joe.

>> http://spinvert.chem.ox.ac.uk/

>> SPINVERT: A program for refinement of paramagnetic diffuse scattering data. J Phys: Cond Matt 25, 454220 (2013)

>> Empirical magnetic structure solution of frustrated spin systems. Phys Rev Lett 108, 017204 (2012)

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