ABCSurviving both a Part II and a DPhil in the group, Andrew is now a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Matter at Extremes group (ID27) at the ESRF and a visiting scientist in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. His new position allows him to continue to work on the unusual pressure response of flexible frameworks, whilst developing beamline collaborations and new experimental techniques. As a research visitor at Oxford he will maintain strong links with the group  and the wider UK crystallographic community, encouraging everyone to go European for their experiments!

After completing his MChem at Trinity College, Andrew moved to Wadham for his DPhil where he was elected a senior scholar in both 2012 and 2013. During this time he received several accolades including being named as a finalist for the 2013 Reaxys Inspiring Chemistry Prize, and winning a 2013 ACA Margaret C. Etter Student Lecturer Award.

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Contact: andrew.cairns@esrf.fr, @abcairns