322_573920432060_9287_nAfter 3 years hard labour, Callum has been deported to the oxide chemist colony at the other end of the corridor. (The rapid influx of new inmates has lead to increasing levels of overcrowding in the original facilities.) Now a thoroughly reformed character, he is cautiously optimistic about the new life he has been promised upon completion of his journey, which should only take a mere 6 months, assuming no major storms along the way.

Callum joined the group straight after a four year sentence at Materials Science and Metallurgy in Cambridge, and, when not making jokes about himself in the third person, occupies himself with total scattering studies of local structure in functional oxides, including YBa2Cu3O7, LaMnO3 and Fe3O4. Favoured programs include GSAS, PDFgui, and RMCProfile, though he has also developed a taste for LaTeX.

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