Hamish2Hamish joined the group in September 2016 as a Glasstone Research Fellow. His main interests lie in how the structures of materials influence their physical properties, and how to manipulate materials to control their behaviour. His research involves studying the interplay between synthesis, structure and property in coordination polymers (amongst other materials) using state-of-the-art laboratory and synchrotron facilities. At Oxford, he’s hoping to tap into Goodwin group’s expertise as he investigates the crystallography of flexible materials under external stimuli, such as temperature, pressure and electric fields.

Hamish studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge (2004-08), where he stayed to complete a PhD in Materials Science with Tony Cheetham (2012), working on structural relationships in new lithium-based coordination polymers. After a brief postdoc there, during which he managed the laboratory move to its new home in West Cambridge, he spent two and a half years as an independent researcher at the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan. There he studied the fundamental processes of crystallization and applications of coordination polymers in battery and sensor technology.

His main website can be found here.