pjsPaul, as a Glasstone Research Fellow, has his own independent group with strong ties and on-going collaborations with the Goodwin group. He completed his PhD in solid state Inorganic Chemistry, with Brendan Kennedy, in late 2008 at the University of Sydney, where he was previously an undergraduate.

From 2009-2012 Paul postdoced in Cambridge, working with Anthony Cheetham, creating new dense metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). He focused on examining how the structures of these materials tune their magnetic and luminescent properties along with the way some of these compounds could be made into nanosheets. Part of his role in Cambridge involved managing the installation and operation of a single crystal X-ray diffractometer, which reflects his strong interest in diffraction instrumentation.

Paul previously visited the Goodwin group for 3 months in 2011 as a Plumer Visiting Research Fellowship at St Anne’s College. Having enjoyed the experience he returned in late 2012 as an EPSRC-funded post-doctoral research associate, working on the defect and magnetic structures of FexO. As a Glasstone fellow his work now focuses on functional and low dimensional magnetic materials and his departmental webpages can be found here. Paul is also an active member of the British Crystallographic community, serving as Secretary of the Physical Crystallography group and their council representative for the British Crystallographic Association (whose website can be found here).

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