sneha_1Sneha joined the Goodwin group as a visiting fellow in November 2015. Her research interests range from fundamental study of molecular-level organic-inorganic interaction mechanisms to the design of highly porous functional metal-organic frameworks.

In 2013, Sneha received an individual Marie Curie Fellowship (IEF) [funded under the FP-7 program by the EU] and moved to the University of Cambridge, UK, for her postdoctoral research. At Cambridge, she worked with Prof. Anthony K Cheetham’s group in the Materials Science department where she was involved in the crystal design and structure determination of new polyoxometalates based on Nb, Ta and Cu.

Sneha has a PhD (2012) from the University of Leuven, Belgium and two Master’s degree: University of Mysore, India & University of Calgary, Canada and has also worked for over three years in Bangalore, India, for developing/promoting creative education in schools and colleges.