Hanna is originally from Sweden and completed her MChem degree at the University of St Andrews in 2015, where she developed an interest in the structural aspects of open framework materials. She joined the Goodwin group as a DPhil student the same year, supported by an Oxford Graduate Scholarship. Her work focuses on hybrid perovskites and “unconventional” degrees of freedom made possible by molecular substitutions. The experimental side of the project concerns Prussian blue analogues and she loves synthesising colourful cyanides. Outside of chemistry, she is very interested in music and plays the bassoon and clarinet.

Having passed her viva in October 2018, Hanna is currently a junior research fellow at Uppsala University, where she continues to cultivate her love for Prussian blue analogues. She is lucky to be able to retain her connection to the group as a visiting fellow, associated with the ERC Advanced Grant “COMPLEXORDER”

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Contact: hanna.bostrom@kemi.uu.se