OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInes is currently in her fourth year at Oxford as a PhD researcher, where she has been investigating the structure-property relationships in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).  In particular, her interest lies in determining general rules and design principles we can apply on MOFs regarding their mechanical properties.   The majority of experimental work has involved variable-temperature diffraction, carried out in-house, at the diamond synchrotron or at the ISIS neutron source.  With the neutron experiments, it has also been possible to measure total scattering data for modelling of these often quite flexible MOFs in order to assess their dynamics.

Previously, Ines studied Natural Sciences at Bath University, with a placement year in Grenoble at the ESRF synchrotron.  Her project on determining new polymorphs of a protein using powder diffraction at ID31 first sparked her interest in crystallography.  Due to the close proximity of the Alps, she learned other appreciations such as skiing, climbing and French cheeses!

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