Phil joined the group as a Part II student in October 2014. He spent his Part II year working with Andrew on geometric frustration in framework materials, focusing on the synthesis and characterisation of a new family of magnetically frustrated compounds.

Unable to tear himself away from the group, Phil took up a DPhil position in October 2015. He is funded jointly by the Department of Chemistry and by the ISIS Neutron Spallation Source, having secured a Facility Development Studentship. He is co-supervised by Andrew and by Dr Ross Stewart (ISIS) and will be investigating the analysis of unconventional magnetic systems using unconventional neutron scattering.

Outside of the lab, Phil has enjoyed a variety of hobbies, ranging from cooking and baking, to Judo and Salsa Dancing. While with the group he hopes to continue to expand his tea and coffee drinking repertoire and also supply the group with the occasional cake.